Friday, January 31, 2014

Tips for PowerPoint including Video!

I often get asked if it is possible to embed video into PowerPoint. In the past it was often tricky to answer, because I would usually say "yes, but it depends on situation." You can actually embed YouTube or Ted Talk videos whenever an embed code is available, however, you do still need to have an internet connection. So if you were to go to a conference this doesn't get you around the possibility of unreliable internet connections. The only way you can get the video in the PowerPoint without depending on internet is if you actually own the rights to the video and you have the video file on your computer.
I would like to share a presentation tutorial titled "Five Time-Saving PowerPoint Tips" that was produced by the experts at Inside this SlideShare you will find a tutorial that will show you two methods for embedding video into your PowerPoint. (one is if you have the actual video files and the other is from a YouTube embed code)
It is very nice to share YouTube videos with your students when you find a good one. It is even better to embed into PowerPoint so you don't have to send them over to the very open and sometimes unsavory world of other YouTube videos that may be suggested on the side. (ie. "if you liked this video, you might also like....)