Friday, July 8, 2016

ID&T Technology Review: Popplet idea organizer

Nicole Marcisz, Instructional Designer, ID&T


Ordering info
Desktop version for Windows, OS X
  • Free (full featured but limited to 10 Popplets)
  • $3/month (full featured with unlimited Popplets)
  • $30/year (full featured with unlimited Popplets)
iOS version for iPhone and iPad
  • Free (full featured but limited to creation of one Popplet at a time)
  • $4.99 (full featured with unlimited Popplets)

Popplet is a mindmapping tool that uses images and video. Popplets can be collaborative and shared in a variety of formats including PDF and JPG. Media can be pulled from Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube or your local computer.

Popplet example
Possible classroom uses
Exploration of ideas through brainstorming and mindmapping.
Plan projects using diagrams and process charts.
Record thoughts with journals, notes, and lists.
Collect inspiration such as mood boards, scrapbooks, and travel plans.
Create galleries of photo albums, portfolios, or presentations.
Create study aids of school projects or class notes.
Create and share topic mind maps.
Create self-concept maps using images and video.
Map a path to a goal.
Create a timeline.

An easy and inexpensive tool for the creation of visually appealing concept maps.

More information
Popplet website
Poppletrocks (examples from the Popplet blog)

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