Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Free Video Creation Software for Regis Faculty

How do I create and put a video into a course? 
ID&T recommends and supports two tools for creating videos and tutorials and loading them into courses. Regis has institutional licenses for both and no additional university funds are necessary for purchasing licenses.

1.       Office Mix is a Microsoft product that when loaded appears in the tool menu of PowerPoint that allows:
·         Screen recording – create a narrated video of whatever is on your screen
·          Narrated slide recording – comparable to Adobe Presenter
·         Screenshots – allows directly copying from an open window to a ppt slide
·         Inserting audio or video – add existing files in a new presentation
·         Export to video – turn a completed project into a mp4 video
·         Saving projects to Office 365 Cloud – for archiving and sharing

2.       Regis MediaSpace is the user interface of the media server vendor that the university uses to store and distribute media content. The interface allows:
·         Screen recording – create a narrated video of whatever is on your screen
·         Webcam Recording – Record directly from a webcam on your computer screen
·         Media Upload – Upload audio and video files from other sources such as Office mix
·         Store media files – files can be tagged, have URLs, and can be searchable

Accessing the Software

1.       Office Mix requires that you download Microsoft Office 2013 for PCs and Microsoft Office 2011 for Macs. The ITS Help Center can assist with this, contact them at or call them at 303-458-4948
2.       Once upgraded, Office Mix can be downloaded at
3.       Click on Getting Started
4.       Click Download Office Mix
5.       Choose the option to Sign in with a work or school account and use your Regis login credentials.
6.       Follow the on screen directions to download and install

1.       MediaSpace is available by logging into and using your Regis login credentials
2.       Logging in takes you right to Regis MediaSpace, no download or installation necessary


1.       Training for Office Mix can be found at on the Atomic Learning site. ID&T has provided faculty and staff at the university with an institutional license for Atomic Learning. Atomic Learning will walk you through every step you need to set up and use Office Mix. 

2.       Training for Regis MediaSpace is available at Regis Learns at There are 6 separate tutorials that will cover all of the steps needed. 

Uploading to WorldClass
1.       Regis MediaSpace allows for media files to be loaded into courses with a link using the URL produced by MediaSpace. 

2.       Saved Office Mix files can be exported to videos and uploaded into MediaSpace, saved, and then loaded into WorldClass as a link using the provided URL.

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